Con Microsoft Dynamics NAV l’Azienda ULSS n. 2 Marca Trevigiana vince la sfida della fusione

L’ULSS n. 2. Marca Trevigiana conferma la scelta di EID e NAVISAN (Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

febi Italia SRL: the case history

febi Italy turned to EID for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an international ERP with a central platform, which provides access to the necessary information to make the most of every business interaction.

Nuova Fima

Nuova Fima chooses the offer of EID and e-Con Solutions for the configuration of its products. From quotation to production in an intuitive and flexible way. Nuova Fima is the first Italian manufacturer of pressure gauges, electronic transmitters, diaphragm seals, thermometers, thermowells for measurement and control of pressure and temperature in industrial processes. With more […]

Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd.

Santoni Shanghai chooses EID srl and e-Con Solutions for configuring its machinery: from the offer to production in an intuitive and flexible way.

Mechanical Engineering Turnery Telesca

The demands of Mechanical Engineering Turnery Telesca are the typical needs of a small business Italian mechanical manufacturing: responding to the market as quickly and efficiently as possible. The highly subcontractor nature of the company, with its activity largely due to production for third parties, requires levels of competitiveness and performance possibly higher than those […]

Prima S.r.l.

A varied reality as the range of PRIMA sought a management system that would allow to treat administratively the various companies under his care and that also allow the analysis and management control both at the individual company and at the level them together. Hence the need for a flexible and easy ERP solution to […]

Prandoni & Curci

Prandoni & Curci offers since 1938 expertise in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of elevators, stretcher lifts, dumbwaiters rope and hydraulic elevator.   Despite its small size, the company actually has a large installed base to maintain daily. Before meeting EID, Prandoni & Curci had an information system since 10 years, with important technological […]

Nursing Home “I Cedri”

The nursing home had an older generation ERP system that needed technological adjustments. The information system was made up of a lot of procedures only partly integrated with each other and by a series of applications in Access or Excel used to obtain and process information and statistics do not directly obtainable from management systems. […]

Metallurgica Gallina

Metallurgica Gallina, active since 1974, is a leading company in Italy for the production of handles, accessories and items for taps.   It is currently a holding company made up of four companies, reaching an annual turnover of nine million Euros. The holding structure is necessary to minimize the time involved to manage the statement of […]

ETS S.p.A.

ETS S.p.A. chooses EID for the implementation of the new ERP The Company ETS S.p.A. is a private company, active since 1995, which deals with the engineering design and the implementation of important national and international projects in the field of extraction and processing of oil and gas, refining, production and distribution of electricity and […]

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Promotion

Hai tempo fino al 31 Dicembre per approfittare dell’incredibile promozione Microsoft con …

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Directions EMEA 2017: the future is Dynamics


La formazione e l’aggiornamento continuo del team di EID rappresentano uno step …

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Tempo Zero is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

Changes direction with Tempo Zero! Tempo Zero has recently been certified as …

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