The References of NAV-lab for Microsoft Dynamics

The References of NAV-lab for Microsoft Dynamics

NAV-lab: the strength of shared experience

EID is a founding member of the NAV-lab, a network of companies that was founded in 2002 as a consortium where members and partners share experiences and investments

italia-navlabMicrosoft Dynamics NAV has been considered by the Group the best ERP which suited to meet the needs of their customers that were so different both locally and by sector. The solution Tempo Zero is created by the NAV-lab laboratory of Research and Development and it’s used as a base that allows Dynamics NAV further accelerate the start-up and make it more flexible to bring it closer to the reality of Italian companies.

In 2015 NAV-lab boasts a customer base of over 400 companies and is among the top of Microsoft partners for the sale of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, with over 13% of the Italian Microsoft Dynamics market.

There are many companies that already trust us. You can find some of our most interesting case history in the booklet below:

Booklet NAV-lab: le nostre referenze.pdf

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