Horizon 2020: EID gets the Seal of Excellence


Horizon 2020: EID gets the Seal of Excellence

The Program Horizon 2020 finances the projects for the Search and the iInnovation in Europe.


Horizon 2020 is the tool of financing to the scientific search and the innovation of the European Committee that has the tallest budget of the world: almost 80 million Euros, for 7 years (2014 to 2020).

As part of the program Horizon 2020, our proposal HEMACONN has been honored by the European Committee of the Seal of Excellence, a recognition of quality assigned to the worthwhile projects deserving of financing, but that have not received it because of budget limits.


HEMACONN is an innovative ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning), on purpose projected for the Sanitary Firms. The objective of HEMACONN is to guarantee a saving of time in the administrative processand a reduction of the costs, assuring a best management of the process and a great productivity.

Thanks to its revolutionary architecture “Plug-in-and-Go“, HEMACONN will be introduced as an only solution that automatically interconnects all the present fragmentary solutions in Firm (departmental software), without the necessity of additional activity and costs of personalization and integration post-installation. This new approach will furnish a complete administrative tool to simplify and to reduce the useless costs, to optimize the times of the administrative activities and to annul the probability of human error, the delays, the lacks and the ineffectiveness of distribution.

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HEMACONN is verticalized on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and therefore it offers, besides the tools of productivity by Microsoft, specialized sanitary forms, systems of artificial intelligence (auto learning and pattern recognition), a motor of flexible workflow and integrated applications RFID.

The global market of the ERP software should reach € 45 million within 2020, recording a 7,2% CAGR in the period 2014-2020 and the sanitary assistance has been valued as the fourth sector of market in terms of investments in ERP.

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