How to optimize the performance of your BI solution.

How to optimize the performance of your BI solution.

Free White Paper BI & Analytics: the step by step guide to test and optimize your solution TARGIT.


biforaxpictureTARGIT Decision Suite is the only business intelligence solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which includes visual tools for data discovery, self-service analytics, reporting and beautiful dashboards.

There are several factors that can affect the performance of your TARGIT solution, but there are three elements that, typically, more than others are relevant: types of queries (queries), hardware and data model.

In TARGIT aim it is that every society has the tools and knowledge to model and manage their business intelligence solution in the best way, to ensure ongoing support and effective throughout the decision-making process.

This ebook will explain in detail the methodology of TARGIT, divided into five steps and aimed to achieve two goals.

Which? Find out by downloading the free white paper!

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