With Invoice PA of EID, the ULSS 9 of Treviso wins the Prize for best Electronic Invoicing solution.

The project of our customer ULSS 9 Treviso wins the Prize for the best Electronic Invoicing solution in the category “Local Healthcare Authorities”.


Can we still say something new in the field of e-Invoicing? Probably not, but not all the solutions have the same degree of effectiveness.

The ULSS 9 of Treviso, who chose to use Invoice PA, the solution of EID Srl for the Public Administration, was awarded in the category “Local Healthcare Authorities” from the Observers of the School of Management of Polytechnic of Milano.

This important recognition was consigned to Alessandra Nascimben from the administrative and financial service of ULSS 9, during the presentation of the results of the research made by Observatory Electronic Invoicing and Dematerialization which was held June 19th at the Campus of the Milan Polytechnic in Bovisa.

A team of more than 80 professors, researchers and analysts worked on over 30 different observatories that analyses all key issues of the Digital Innovation in Enterprises (including SMEs) and Public Administration carries out the activities of the Observatories. Through the Observers was recognized that: “the potential benefits (monetized and not) of Digitalization are real and significant. The opportunities for simplification materialize and to these are also added the incentives that the Legislature is deploying opening the B2B to e-Invoicing “.

The solution developed by EID on Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, integrated with business applications for document management (Hitachi CBT) and electronic storage and communication with the SDI (Infocert) was considered one of the achievements of excellence in Public Administration.

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