You Trade Conference 2015

You Trade Conference 2015

Rendezvous with the future

The annual event organized by Virginia Gambino Editore and YouTrade magazine meets the synergy with another major institutional event. Also speakers, guests, and learning opportunities double! Write down this date: October 6.

Finco Birthday

The event, in short, can be mistaken for a formal ceremony. Actually, it will be much more. For the first 20 years of Finco (Federation of industries, products, systems, services and specialized works for the sectors of construction) is preparing a celebration that will also be a moment of confrontation. Not only an opportunity for the birthday wishes, but also a chance to reflect and to look to the future in two sessions, morning and afternoon, because these days look any further it is essential to safeguard your business. However, to find the road it takes a compass and it is the aim of the meeting of 6 October, in Milan (10 am, Hotel Principe di Savoia).

The Federation – consisting of 38 associations for something like 3 thousand companies with 105 thousand employees and 10 billion turnover – is partner of Virginia Gambino Editore that, always at the Principe di Savoia, promotes the annual meeting (the eighth) of YouTrade.

A look at the trend

The day, in short, will be intense, beginning with the first part, dedicated to Finco. The program begins with the opening ceremony of the president, Carla Tomasi. Soon after, the debate heats up with a speech that promises to be “hot”: the trend of construction for 2015 and 2016. After the seven (or eight, depending on calculations) years of the crisis, the announced new round of buildings, so different from the past, will be confirmed? Or we are facing with a flash in the pan? Questions to which Federico Della Puppa will answer, professor at Iuav, who will present the numbers and projections made by the Studies of YouTrade.

Talk show 

Of course, knowing where the ship’s going is a good thing. But not enough. We should also know the intentions of the helmsmen. For this reason, the study will follow the numbers, carried out by two talk show. The first will focus on the maintenance and upgrading of buildings. The agenda includes, for this discussion, the participation of Paolo Agnelli (Confimi Chairman), Innocenzo Cipolletta (Strategic Fund President), Riccardo Nencini (Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Transport), Giorgio Spaziani Testa (Confedilizia President) and Simona Vicari (Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economic Development). The second study, on the other hand, will focus on efficiency and investment. At this round table discussion, interventions of Sergio Fabio Brivio (Vice President and Vice President Finco Uni), Luca Cordero di Montezemolo (Alitalia Chairman, and former President of Confindustria), Ermete Realacci (President of the Commission of the House Environment and Territory) Federico Testa (Enea Commissioner), Armando Zambrano (National Council of Engineers President and Networks Technical Jobs Coordinator) are planned.

We can promise, then, a spectacular session, full of information and ideas!

Following the moment of YouTrade

Just before the light lunch in the elegant setting of the Principe di Savoia, a moment of reflection with a movie centered on the competitive advantage of companies that innovate.

This is the time of the eighth conference organized by YouTrade, always in the same location. The theme of the afternoon deepening is crucial: The future is already here. The technologies are revolutionizing the business models of buildings. It’s time to learn something new.

The afternoon program is equally challenging and involves other matters of crucial importance: the enterprise management, customer services and strategies to achieve credibility from a bank, multi-channel strategy and e-commerce. For each of these issues the participation of an expert and the testimony of a case solved are scheduled. To investigate these issues the testimonies of Italian and foreign players will be brought.
After the first synthesis during the morning session, Federico Della Puppa comes back to explain trends in the construction market, with full analysis of the data.

Join the event!

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