ASL Mantova

With a total population of 397,000 inhabitants and 70 municipalities, the Local Health Authority of the Province of Mantova employs 775 employees, 273 general practitioners, and 43 pediatricians under agreement.

The accounting system previously used did not meet the administrative needs of the ASL of Mantova and had a number of problems and limitations, due to the rigidity and complexity of the set-up. It didn’t suited to the accounting information requests that needed instead a high degree of timeliness of the information and ease of integration with other subsystems in the company (veterinary, engineering, testing, etc.). The primary requirement for the ASL of Mantova was to obtain a comprehensive view of the economic and financial variables to be monitored, and be able to satisfy information obligation both toward the region and within the company in the most complete and accurate way. The implementation of a new accounting management software is the need to provide a complete process that allows you to program and to continuously check the performance of the economic and financial flows and therefore better control of spending.

The ASL of Mantova has chosen Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the verticalization NAVISAN. NAVISAN ERP is designed for the Italian Healthcare market that provides optimal solutions for the specific accounting, administration and management needs of Local Health Authority, hospitals and the Private centers. The system allows you to manage budgets and spending control, procurement, inventory, fixed assets, invoices, payments. The system has been developed to interface with the procedure in use for mandates management. It is an integrated program with the use of new technologies to optimize the flow of information inside and outside; it ensures the security of transactions and introduces significant organizational improvements.


The most interesting comment on the experience of Mantova is the remarkable speed of startup times that led us, in January 2008, to the system go-live with customer data at a distance of six months from the signing of the contract. The sharp contraction of time and cost and maximum efficiency were possible thanks to our 20 years’ experience on Private and Public Health customers, together with the cooperation of representatives of the project (dott. Canino e dott.ssa Rossi) and their key users.

The key benefits perceived by the customer:

  • Easy integration with other subsystems (veterinary, personnel, etc.)
  • Extremely simple interface for the user.
  • High degree of traceability information and navigability of the data
  • Easy to make customizations.
  • Accounting systems (general and analytical), avoiding duplication of information and activities.


Website of the customer.



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