ETS S.p.A.

ETS S.p.A. chooses EID for the implementation of the new ERP

The Company

ETS S.p.A. is a private company, active since 1995, which deals with the engineering design and the implementation of important national and international projects in the field of extraction and processing of oil and gas, refining, production and distribution of electricity and large manufacturing facilities.
With a staff of 190 employees and more than 100 stations in the LAN network, the company’s operations over several locations in the world made it essential to be able to manage documents in real time without any kind of territorial restrictions. It was necessary to avoid wasting time in the continuous transposition of documents, with the connection with all the offices, also for the exchange of information in real time. The integration of document management in the ERP system and the ability to model the business processes through customizable workflow was the basis of customer requirements.

The needs

Since the company’s main requirements were the integration of documents into the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the ability to model business processes through customizable workflow, it has been given a comprehensive proposal that combines an ERP system and a document management system with complete workflow; business processes are managed and coordinated through the combined use of the two instruments. In general, the business processes have been managed and defined in the workflow, more flexible and with the advantage of being rapidly redefined to adapt to business processes changings. All significant accounting data and concerning external relations are managed in the ERP system (with a process of authorizations specifically created). The workflow system passes control to ERP in the crucial moments for recording information. The functionality of planning and control of orders and management of human resources have been customized to fit the business processes. More recently, the project has been extended on two fronts: the activation of warehouse management and tax and the extension of new business on which the company points, represented by the service management. More recent is the migration architecture of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, to allow Elettra Energy to respond to their needs for growth and technological innovation.

The benefits

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has made possible, with its peculiarities application, a net reduction of bureaucratic time devoted to the arrangement and storing documents. It thus became possible to the coordinated and integrated management of real-time activities of the various company offices.

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