Mechanical Engineering Turnery Telesca

The demands of Mechanical Engineering Turnery Telesca are the typical needs of a small business Italian mechanical manufacturing: responding to the market as quickly and efficiently as possible. The highly subcontractor nature of the company, with its activity largely due to production for third parties, requires levels of competitiveness and performance possibly higher than those of its own customers. They need real time monitoring of the production, as well as they need to optimize the warehouse and the planning process orders, to be able to respond to dynamic changes of the increasingly stringent and exigent demand, typical of the economies of today.


The project was carried out using the full capabilities of manufacturing Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the configuration of the advanced license, plus the functionality needed for contract work. The production is the focus and the starting point of the project, which was then completed with a monitor & production scheduling system interfaced with the ERP. Among these customizations, the realization of an estimation module to perform statistics and simulations on the cost of the product, to allow a prediction of the cost in support of strategic business choices. Customer needs have been analyzed in the initial phase of the project. After verification of the requirements, setup and customizations designed to accommodate requests began.



The introduction of an integrated ERP system, interfaced with a scheduler, now allows the company a real-time control of the situation and visibility in terms of progress in production and supplies. This allows to meet deadlines, to maintain response times in line with rapid changes in order to reduce inventory and cycle time and delivery of goods. Thanks to the flexibility of the system to adapt to business needs and the clarity of the requirements of the company, it was possible to activate an ERP aligned with the requirements of Mechanics Turning Telesca. The project has also created the opportunity for a reorganization and upgrading of business processes, reducing the burden of paperwork and enabling consistent management of articles, teams and equipment.


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