Metallurgica Gallina

Metallurgica Gallina, active since 1974, is a leading company in Italy for the production of handles, accessories and items for taps.


It is currently a holding company made up of four companies, reaching an annual turnover of nine million Euros. The holding structure is necessary to minimize the time involved to manage the statement of account of individual companies and the holding company in which it appears. It is essential to use a management system that can communicate between the group companies and with customers quickly and efficiently. An ERP solution able to follow in real time the different stages of processing of each order was therefore decisive for the efficiency of the entire structure of the holding. Among the main needs of the company, a rapid deployment system was asked, request resolved thanks to Microsoft Dynamics Tempo Zero of NAV-lab, which enabled a rapid integration with other applications. This solution has enabled the creation of a prototype with real data of the company, which allows storage of digital documents and is equipped with a configurator perfectly adapted to the specific company. Each phase of the project included objectives, controls and finally an analysis of the results and any deviations from the plan, through the registration of the motivation and actions to be taken to manage those gaps.


A substantial reduction of the time on accounting management was reached, with the development of a system for information exchange among the companies of the group, able to keep up to date the situation of the order and the actual working phase in which the project is. This resulted in the reduction of time and costs for the administrative phase, making available new funds that can be invested in new technology solutions and business.

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