Prandoni & Curci

Prandoni & Curci offers since 1938 expertise in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of elevators, stretcher lifts, dumbwaiters rope and hydraulic elevator.


Despite its small size, the company actually has a large installed base to maintain daily.

Before meeting EID, Prandoni & Curci had an information system since 10 years, with important technological limitations and uncertainty in terms of continuity of the software house production. The old system did not allow the management of the warehouse and especially the verification of the material used for each intervention.

The proposed solution is represented by the vertical Tempo Zero Service, developed by NAV-lab and based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The add-on allows a complete management for companies that provide maintenance and technical support to their customers, with a focus on companies that install and maintain lifts and elevators. The solutions integrate various functional areas (customers, resources, warehouse, and accounting) for order management and call for technical assistance in all aspects and at all stages of the product life. It allows precise management of scheduled maintenance with maintenance contract, billing and periodic maintenance from the automatic or manual creation of tickets, proceeding with the assignment of the technician in charge, ending with the closing and billing of activities. Tempo Zero Service provides for the management of any materials used to carry out operations, allowing full traceability of individual items, inventory management and shipping to / from the HQ.


The benefits were noticeable both in response time of the system then in the very user-friendly interface. Contract management and recurring billing fees have been simplified and optimized. Via an automated system of documents sending and pdf forms, the management of a large number of customers was also improved. The introduction of stock has allowed Prandoni & Curci to manage the material on vans, and keep track of the material consumed in an intervention or not used and returned to the warehouse. The evolution of the project involves the integration of a geolocation system for the analysis of the various technical distances from where action was demanded


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