U.L.S.S. 9 of Treviso

The Company U.L.S.S. 9 of Treviso, with a budget of around 700 million Euro, two hospitals and 4,500 employees, manages the health and social services in a territory of 400,000 inhabitants including the cities of Treviso and part of the province. The health facility is constantly changing and keeps up with the times. ULSS 9 is attentive to the citizens’ needs, by providing more efficient and faster services. Putting people first is the principle with whom the company organizes the business processes for the development of diagnostic and care needed: from a timely intervention in the urgency to access hospital as necessary, from primary and specialist continuity welfare in the territory. A mission that is pursued in view of the uniqueness of the company and then integrated in the performance of preventive activities, hospital and territorial.

Important for the continuous improvement of services is the rationalization of administrative management that has allowed a substantial saving of human and economic resources that have been designed to improve clinical services and reduce waiting times.
The Local Health Unit 9 has a long tradition in the use of technological innovation aimed at improving service to citizens / clients. Since 2002, it relies on Microsoft Dynamics NAV specifically verticalized for Health, obtaining excellent results in administrative and accounting procedures. Thanks to EID, it continues to develop its information system, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, with the implementation of new important new features.

In fact, after the implementation of administrative and accounting functions (general ledger, active cycle, passive cycle, assets, supplies, warehouses), the Local Health Unit of Treviso requested further software developments, to meet changing business needs such as monitoring projects, management training, the department warehouses and calls for tender.

An implementation of crucial importance was the integration with the booking system for the accounting records on the movement of cash (both “human” and automatic-emitting), automatically. From Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, which is highly flexible and customizable, it has been made an integrated information system that allows managers of the hospital to improve the quality and speed of decision making through information sharing, to achieve significant economies management keeping costs of services and staff, and to constantly monitor the levels of spending to introduce, if necessary, corrective action.

From an architectural point of view, the project is composed of three areas fully integrated in terms of trade information and procedures. The budget area, deputy to the formulation of the economic budget estimate determining the allocation of resources, defines the objectives for the year and is the basis of comparison for the results. The administration and accounting area, designed to optimize the complex task of economic flows: from computerized procurement requests to take charge of the goods in stock, the management of the assets in all phases (order, delivery, labeling, testing , depreciation and radiation) to the passive cycle billing (centralized a protocol and decentralized settlement of invoices) to the electronic mandate payment digitally signed. And finally, the area of ​​management control, to compare actual results with budget values ​​and evaluate corporate performance in terms of individual structures or of individual processes. Needless to emphasize how this integration will translate into a set of immediate benefits. First, thanks to the audit trail and the immediate availability of data (current and historical) managers of health facilities are able to not only monitor constantly and in real time the latest situation of the costs and of the economic capital, but also form expectations and make simulations about the future. Simply, they have a tool aimed not so much to photograph the existing as to remedy any areas of concern with the necessary remedies.


A tool also designed for maximum ease of use, even by operators without computer skills, through integration with popular Microsoft Office productivity applications, the simplicity in formulating queries and search the data residing in the different components system, the ability to produce customized reports. Second, the opening of the solution to the Internet, in line with the strategic objectives of e-government, guarantees the transparency that is increasingly in demand in public administration; suppliers, for example, can access the system to obtain full visibility on the status of payments of invoices issued, while citizens can check the progress of dossiers relating to specific requests for assistance.

Another important point was the introduction of digital signature that allows considerable time savings and better use of resources. In addition, the availability of a solution designed for the specific needs of public accounting and adhering to the specific organization of a Health Units dramatically accelerates the process of implementation. In the case of ULSS 9 of Treviso only a few months were needed for the commissioning of the project, including the transfer of historical data in the system.

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