The new prospects for liberalization of water and gas have created a new industry in the Italian scenario: the utility or multi-utility sector.

It is a sector in continuous movement that develops between new mergers of large industrial centers and acquisition of new spaces both in Italy and internationally.

This new market segment is particularly interesting because of the continued need for IT investment to support new business models and strategies, to cooperate and meet the gap of the past. In 2007, the growth rate stood at around 2% and there is a great increase in the years ahead (ratio Assintel 2007). There is a growing need for integration between applications in the company: it increases the need to “share” the information in real time, you can quickly look up all the data and program activities also with those who are not physically located in the office.

The need is therefore to provide more consistent paramount and to take advantage of the critical mass to optimize costs; this gives the input for initiating more articulated IT strategies, for example, it may provide a first step in sourcing of infrastructure and key services, followed by the start of new cycles of outsourcing and selective outsourcing.

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