EIDSAN is a line of integrated software products and developed on Oracle database.

It includes the Administrative area and several modules for the Healthcare area.


Administrative Management

The information and administrative system was made in a Client-Server, with Windows graphic interface and ability to use standard office automation tools. The Administrative Information System provides a high level of integration between modules and an extensive parameterization. The application modules can be grouped into four broad areas:

Management Control

Active and passive costs are detected at cost, starting from an assumption of budget for responsibility areas (cost centers, centers of responsibility, different structures) and productive factors. The modules are:

  • Budget (economic, financial, balance)
  • Analytical Accounting
  • Reporting


Passive Cycle

Here are handled stages of issuance of the Resolution and subsequent commitment, determination of available residual emission of the Order, receipt of goods, invoice to the liquidation and payment of the same. Structured with the following modules:

  •  Bids
  • Resolutions
  • Requests from department
  • Orders
  • Bursary and pharmaceutical stock
  • Real property and furniture
  • Liquidation
  • Mandates


Active Cycle

It manages the phases of acquisition of the relevant data to billing and revenue management, with the following modules:

  • Remote registers
  • Invoicing
  • Assessment
  • Reversale


Accounting Economic Asset

It manages cash flow, generation of BEP and Annual Financial Statements.

Health Area

Modules available in this area are as follows:

Assisted Data Management

This application completely manages all services related to ‘Office of Primary Care of Local Health’ with the aim of controlling all monthly movements of choice and dismissal of doctors. The key features are:

  • management of patients registry
  • management of Doctors registry
  • management of the phases of registration, enrolment, selection and dismissal of the Doctor with real-time updating of data and control of the price ceilings
  • replacements doctors management
  • processing statistics on patients
  • management and issuing exemptions of medical conditions


Unified booking center

The procedure involves the creation of a central reservation that enables the unified management of multiple locations operating. Following the bookings that are made, the unified center of bookings updates the situation of the appointments for

  • Patients’ registry management
  • Radiology exams
  • Specialist examination
  • Specialist services
  • Samples acceptance
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Repetitive therapies.


The procedure provides support for:

  • Manage in real time the daily agenda of the sessions of the surgeries abolishing the limit of geographies
  • Optimize the access of the clients to health facilities
  • Optimize workloads
  • Assess the level of use of services
  • Management and performance agendas for freelancer
  • Management reporting services performed


Cash register procedure

The procedure runs the operations of receipt payment ticket and billing for services for freelance medical profession. The procedure allows:

  • Manual management of receipts other than medical services (telephone charges payment, meal vouchers, …)
  • Automatic management of the receipt ticket due to outpatient services
  • Automatic management of the invoice in case of chargeable services and professional services
  • Billings and receipts management: ability to manage the issue of invoices in relation to receipts already issued to the patient
  • Assisted account management of the patient
  • Journal cash or cash office management
  • Managing general/by Doctor static or by type of performance: performance evaluation performed on an outpatient basis and / or in private practice



The procedure for reporting the performance of Radiology of the main features include:

  • Write and store a reservation report of recorded by the program CUP (Reservation Center)
  • Print labels exams / booked exams and, if necessary, reported exams
  • Consult any tests previously carried out by a client

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