ERP integrated business management software

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a modular, flexible and intuitive interface that offers a wide range of fully integrated capabilities for automating business processes. The 46 localized versions make it suitable for companies with foreign branches. Vertical solutions are available for numerous private and public sectors.

 Any view on data

Microsoft Dynamics NAV writes in the database only maximum detail transactions. Thanks to SIFT technology (Sum Indexed Flow Technology), views, data, balances, aggregates are calculated instantly by the system based on the type of query desired by the user, which can freely filter data also by size.

Unlimited criteria analytics

Reports and analyzes are possible with an unlimited number of criteria: for example, you can create a dimension called “salesperson,” and then add all your salespeople as values ​​within that dimension. You can thus create reports and analysis related to sales by region, by sales, by date or by any other criteria set. The result is a better evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the sales force.

Access to information in any language

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offre ai clienti e ai fornitori un servizio migliore, fornendo loro le descrizioni di articoli, i report stampati e le fatture nella propria lingua e nella propria valuta. È possibile passare in ogni istante, restando nella videata, a qualunque lingua installata.

Choosing the more efficient production process

When planning production orders, for example, you can group orders involving a family of products that share the same routing. This leads to more efficient production plan.

Improving warehouse organization and reduce staff costs

Your procedures are improved with the use of notes and picking. The serial number and lot number you are tracking help you trace items at any time during the sale, purchase, manufacture or shipment. Returns management takes into account the additional costs such as storage.

Sharing and getting information online

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Employee Portal offers an intuitive, Web-based experience, which allows employees to access more easily and promptly both to the information in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the shared documents: all within an intranet environment protected.

Handling exceptions and last-minute changes

You can handle exceptions due to multiple planning options, tracking and action messages. Plan from the sales order, the production, the purchase requisition, or by traditional methods of planning MPS / MRPII (Master Production Schedule / Material Resource Planning). It also becomes possible to make last-minute changes by replanning from any point in the delivery cycle. Costs, materials, and operations are simultaneously aligned to meet the new production plan.

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