Integrated Management of Healthcare Organizations

NAVISAN is the information system, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which EID Srl has developed for the Italian Healthcare System.

It provides optimal solutions for the specific needs in accounting, administration and management of local health authorities, public and private hospitals.

NAVISAN benefits from the characteristic of the development environment of Dynamics NAV:

  • reliability and stability (it is used by more than 130,000 companies worldwide)
  • ease of customization and expansion of functions
  • rapid installation and implementation, ease of use
  • high integration and usability of the data, uniqueness and homogeneity of the database interface
  • excellent integration with Microsoft Office individual productivity tools
  • the possibility of interfacing with other information systems
  • continuous technological evolution
  • full integration with internet connectivity
  • security and access control



  • Strategic planning: the budgeting and expenditure control of NAVISAN integrates the typical functions of ERP systems in the manner of authorization and spending control typical of Healthcare Organizations. Expenditure control is on two levels: budget and authorization, including long-term.
  • Procurement: inquiries, suggestions and orders. The supply management is fully integrated with the expenditure control and expected prior levels to the issue of the order (request, proposal) to optimize the transformation of the needs of all departments of the company in orders to suppliers.
  • The warehouse: maintenance of stocks and integration with the logistics management of the warehouse is full and rich with possibility to get the most varied consumption statistics. They are already available integrations with systems specialized in logistics management with use of barcode and handheld devices connected through radio frequency.
  • From departments to warehouses: the demands and the distribution of procurement requests from departments are fully computerized; consumption are automatically charged to departments in order to correctly analyse operational costs.
  • Assets: management of movable and immovable property assets are managed in all their phases: order, incoming goods, labelling.
  • The invoices: protocol and liquidation. NAVISAN allows centralized control and decentralized settlement of bills with a complete management of the flow of documents between the various offices.
  • Payments: dialogue with the treasurer and the digital signature. NAVISAN includes completed and articulated management of payment orders. It electronically manages bidirectional communication with the treasurer. The maximum security of the communication is guaranteed by using the digital signature with smartcard and biometric identification.
  • Security: NAVISAN lets you define custom profiles for each user by assigning access rights to data and functionality. For example, you can define specific menus for groups of users, or enable a user to use a single warehouse.


Digital Signature

Digital Signature allows you to assign integrity and confidentiality of electronic documents produced by computer. The use of digital signatures makes great benefits both for the private sector to the public sector, improving the processes of public administration through the rationalization, simplification and acceleration of administrative measures, with a significant impact on the social, economic and financial scenario of the country. It is a technology whose effects are recognized by law and is equivalent to the hand-written signature. The placing and the association of digital signatures to electronic document is equivalent to the signing scheduled for the acts and documents written on paper “Presidential Decree 445-00 art. 23/2.”

Transaction security on public networks is based on four principles:

  • Authentication: ability to ensure the recipient of the message of the authenticity of a claimed identity of the sender;
  • Integrity: ability to transfer documents with confidence that on the way on the public network they are not altered;
  • Confidentiality: the ability to grant access to the document only to those in possession of “reading key”;
  • Non-repudiation: ensure to the receiver non-repudiation of the will expressed by the sender sending the message.


EID srl has implemented the digital signature thanks to the extraordinary flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which has allowed us to create a user interface with immediate comprehension and easy to use. EID has firstly developed the project for Local Health and social care facility/services (U.L.S.S.) 9 of Treviso.

The fundamental objective that U.L.S.S. 9 has set with digital signature, it’s to enrich and implement the administrative management system of payment orders and, later, of collection vouchers.

The system that we have implemented for this Organization has been made to interface with the procedure in use for mandates management. It is an integrated program made with new technologies able to optimize the flow of information inside and outside, introducing important updates the company organization;

  • It acquires automatically liquidated orders payments;
  • It selects and makes the data available for the application of digital signatures;
  • It manages electronically the two-way communications with the treasurer;
  • It allows you to export data to other software applications (Word, Excel);
  • It sends e-mail;
  • It gives warning on individual documents to represent on your electronic desk positions, situations and problems worthy of attention;
  • It allows that access to the system takes place, as well as with password, even though a biometric device for user identification on the basis of his fingerprints, ensuring greater security and the actual presence of the user at the time of application of the digital signature .


In short, enabled users to the service have access to a personalized menu to ensure the confidentiality of information and access. Each user on his electronic desktop can search, select and order according to different criteria and according to the way he works. The approval of the mandate of payment is made with digital signatures that – added to an electronic document – it will ensure provenance, integrity and authenticity. The digitally signed documents are forwarded to the treasurer who makes his own checks and the institution communicates the results of operations.


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