Interfaces to other softwares

EID has developed interfaces that allow you to connect the products of Microsoft Dynamics with other software primary used in the company. Thanks to the deep competence of EID in the development, it is therefore possible to connect any program to the series of Dynamics products.


As “EID NAVBridge” is identified a family of software developed internally by EID allowing connection of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with various third-party software to enable complete integration of all aspects of the business process. Among the software that EID has already successfully connected to the products of the Dynamics series, they are softwares that deal with detecting real-time production data, ensuring the integrity of the information and its timeliness; softwares dedicated to the management of corporate treasury; softwares that allow on board machinery control.


As “EID CRMLink” is identified the ability to connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other software that can be powered by similar and complementary registries between the two systems.


EID NAVBridge for Stain

EID NAVBridge for Nicim

EID NAVBridge for Inventor

EID NAVBridge for DocFinance

EID NAVBridge for ICAM


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