EID NAVBridge for ICAM

ICAM is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of solutions for the warehouse and automatic archiving.

The objective of the connector is the automation of the picking process and storage of material in a vertical magazine run with ICAM.

The solution EID NAVBridge for ICAM deals with sending the information collection and storage from the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV to ICAM in order to automate the process. ICAM will send back to NAV actual movements.

The standard flow of NAV Warehouse provides a process of processing of storage, which starts from the document load (which is recorded on a place of receipt), allows for the creation of a document storage and subsequent registration in the final location. EID NAVBridge for ICAM is responsible for sending such information storage from the processing of Warehouse ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV to ICAM. The sending of the information to ICAM is discriminated by the fact that the placement destination of the storage is identified as bay of the automated warehouse.
A hypothetical work flow for the registrations of storage could be the following:

  • In goods reception, the operator creates the receipt document and records
  • Always in reception, the operator creates the document storage and records
  • The recording storage in the automatic warehouse generates a list of movements of material to be stored and sends this information through the database of interchange with the system ICAM.


Similarly, the flow of shipping involves the process of removing the material and, if it comes from the automatic warehouse, the movements which will allow the handling of the goods from the automatic warehouse to the placement of shipment will be generated.

Finally, through EID NAVBridge for ICAM, you can make the outplacement material intra-warehouse.

Key Features Interface:

  • Shift manual and semi-automatic material to and from the warehouse ICAM
  • Handling direct software inventory ICAM and final accounting in ERP software
  • Inventory management warehouse ICAM and synchronization with stocks in ERP software.


Benefits of the solution:

  • Creating picking missions in the ERP and subsequent management and final accounting on dedicated ICAM software, maintaining a continuous alignment between the stocks of the automatic warehouse and the ERP
  • The interfacing gives the possibility to integrate the flow of interface using elaborations that prepare semi-automatically the picking missions / storage (for example by means of special report that calculate the needs of the material from the stock to be used in the production process)
  • Better management of the order and the space within the warehouse
  • User inventory operation improved and more efficient


Workflow for picking registration with auomatic wareouse


Workflow for the registrations of storage

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