EID NAVBridge for Stain

The solution EID NAVBridge for StainPRD + allows to calculate the total value of productive activities detected by the system Stain.


PRD + is the standard form of the suite STAIN + that provides the “LENS”, to discover the hidden costs of departments with the information collected automatically and in real time by the machines, and the “SIZE” to measure the benefits obtained from the corrective actions in act in view of continuous process improvement. The standard module PRD + is applicable to all companies in the MANUFACTURING cycle discrete sector (Automotive, Fittings, Die Castings, Molding, Mechanical Workshops and others), or companies that have a production batch and / or to order on automatic and / or with manual processes.
In a first phase, Dynamics NAV send to Stain all information regarding production orders to be executed, the schedule and the dates for which they were planned.

During the execution, Dynamics NAV receives from Stain the quantities produced, the waste and the respective production times, setup and standstill detected from the terminals on the machine (for manual flushing) or by the “counting” (for the automatic flushing).
Main benefits of the solution for NAVBridge StainPRD +

  • Real-time monitoring of production,
  • Accurate and timely recording of production data collected,
  • Efficient registration in NAV of the most important variables of production,
  • Reliable analysis of the actual costs of production.

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