Management control

EIDCoGest 2016


The new EIDCoGest provides the management with all elements for assessing the business with determination of net income / contribution margin per cost center and to areas of responsibility.



Management control is mainly based on the technique of “direct costing”.

This module allows the management of Cost Accounting with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and is developed to be fully integrated with other areas of NAV but can also be used as a “Stand-alone“module, by entering data manually or with automatic acquisition third party procedures. The add-on, in fact, can be interfaced with external applications from which it draws the accounting data, inventory etc.


The application is mainly based on the technique of “direct costing” that leads to determine the whole structure for each area of ​​responsibility and control scheme that, taking into account the fixed costs and variable costs, get to determine the contribution margin of each area and the results of operations of the company. For the determination of the costs of the products, we make use also of the “full costing”.

It will be managed the same as the size of the General Ledger in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which enables analysis of more flexible and highly configurable size.

The reporting is natively integrated with a business intelligence module (PowerBi, Targit) and the access of dashboards is also available via mobile: that makes EIDCoGest the perfect ally of the managers who need consultation on the move.




Analytical Accounting Basic

  • Registry management cost center / orders
  • Managing lists of Analytical items
  • Management of the cost center
  • Management of the analytical voices
  • Ability to edit / add / delete dimensions on the General Accounting records


Rollovers, ledger management and data analysis

  • Capturing data from all functional areas of NAV
  • Ability to perform manual records outside the accounts for the preparation of interim Financial Statements and forecasts with the possibility of automatic reversal
  • Advanced reporting, registration statement, analysis by dimensions
  • Possibility of dividing the amount of a book entry on different items and different cost centers, according to predefined templates
  • Ability to automatically divide a movement to accrual date
  • Ability to perform rollovers between cost centers and orders (total, by type of cost, quantity or amount, for default drivers)
  • Ability to create multiple versions of plans of cost center
  • Ability to create multiple versions of plans of analytical voices
  • Management invoices to receive / to make
  • Management depreciation
  • Automatic acquisition accounting and extra accounting
  • Pure cost accounting registrations
  • Managing rollovers between cost centers in many stages
  • Actual processing on all levels of the company structure
  • Multidimensional analysis of the costs and the navigation data
  • OLAP analysis
  • Ability to create adhoc analysis
  • KPI management
  • Dashboards


Budget cost accounting

  • Standard budget reports by cost center
  • Drawing up the budget starting from the actual figures of previous periods with the possibility of projection and assisted correction values
  • Monthly equivalent of the budget for each cost center
  • Processing and final confrontation Budget / Actual


Cost of product


  • Calculating the cost of the product starting from the Bill of Materials and Work cycles
  • Standards cost of the product
  • Cost of the product at final balance (integration with Manufacturing area)
  • Analysis of margins on product.


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