Further information and features

Further information and features on NAV: the ERP for SMEs


  • Journal entries and recurring
  • Budget
  • Intercompany recordings
  • Multi-company consolidation
  • Banks and accounting reconciliation
  • Asset management and depreciation simulation
  • Reclassification of budget
  • Log data changes accounting for individual field
  • Audit of all the historical data in great detail
  • XBRL

Purchases and sales

  • Customers and suppliers orders
  • Managing deliveries
  • Order promising
  • Sale and purchase return orders
  • Management of procurement requests
  • Prices and discounts by article / customer / client groups
  • BOM items (sales kit)
  • Purchase and sale contracts
  • Receivable and payable
  • Withholding taxes
  • Intrastat

Relationship Management

  • Contacts and classification
  • Opportunities and segmentation
  • Campaign Management
  • Log interactions and link to the documents
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Telephony Integration (TAPI)

Assistance Management

  • Orders and articles assistance
  • Contracts Support
  • Management loaners
  • Assistance: planning, execution and billing


  • Managing multiple occupancy items with Stock Keeping Units
  • Transfers between warehouses and stock replanning
  • Management warehouse positions
  • Withdrawal, shipping, receiving, storage
  • Multiple Coding for Items by supplier / internal / customer
  • Barcode
  • Items Traceability by lot number and serial number
  • Automated Data Capture System and Warehouse Management
  • RF (Radio Frequency)
  • Items not in stock (supplier catalog)


  • Multi-level BOM
  • Orders, requirements, production progress
  • Managing BOMs versions and production cycles
  • MPS, MRPII and GANTT chart scheduler
  • Work areas, work cycles, work centers and resources
  • Finite capacity
  • Forecast of demand for production
  • Traceability of production orders
  • Subcontracting

Contracts and projects

  • Creating orders for customers or for project
  • Accounting and billing orders and projects
  • Budget and Estimates
  • Steps / Task / Step, division into units of assessment and control

Demand Planner

  • • Forecast of demand based on historical statistics of sales and information sales

Portal, Supply Chain Collaboration

  • Web portal integrated multi-role, based on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office
  • SharePoint Portal Server
  • Exchange documents and information in real time between different systems, based on integration with Microsoft BizTalk Server

Integration with Microsoft Office

  • Full use of the Smart Tags in Microsoft Office to enable functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Export / import Data accounting and Budget
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Creation of documents directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft Word mail merge function

Access to the source code

  • The development environment is layered: from the designer available to advanced users, to the ability to access the full source code of the business logic and the development environment.

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